About BridesMaid


Welcome to Bridesmaid, a proud minority Woman-Owned Business based in Edmonton, Canada.


Growing up in a South Asian culture, I was always captivated by the sight of my mother and grandmothers adorned with exquisite gold jewelry. Gold is more than a precious metal—it is a daily emblem of grace and elegance 

cherished heirloom passed down through generations, especially at weddings.

At Bridesmaid, we understand that gold jewelry is a profound symbol of love and legacy, an eternal bond connecting generations. Each piece we offer is more than an accessory; it is a part of a beloved tradition, meant to deepen ties and celebrate relationships that last a lifetime.

Join our community at Bridesmaid, where we cater to those who cherish gold's timeless beauty and symbolic significance. We are dedicated to celebrating love and legacy through our carefully crafted collections

                         Our Commitment 

At Bridesmaid, our core mission is to deliver exceptional quality jewelry within an affordable range. We are committed to transparency and strive for complete customer satisfaction, ensuring that each piece of jewelry enriches your life and remains a valued part of your family's heritage.